I've worked with grieving groups, partying groups, curious groups, and skeptical groups. I've talked to their beyond-the-veil loved ones all night, read cards, read objects, read archeological sites, settled down resident ghosts, talked to the animals, and helped budding young psychics tame the brain weasels.

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Questions answered.

I don't even have to know the question. I usually start shuffling the Tarot. You hold the question in your mind, you tell me when to stop shuffling, you cut the cards.

Previous clients ask me to warn you: don't ask unless you want to know, and questions you're hiding from yourself will pop up.

Trained, experienced, humane intuitive healing follows.

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It's easy!

Would you prefer a video chat, phone call, text, email, or paper reading? Easy.

I get good results working remotely.

Reading locations and objects works better with physical contact. Contact me to see if I'm in your neighborhood.

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Since 1993

medium (rare)

I remember realizing grown-ups didn't like talk about the invisible people when I was three.

I taught for 25 years and experienced thousands of minds. I practice aikido, which balances mind, body, and spirit.

Messages from beyond the veil are just everyday life for me. No silly "Does it start with an M?" games or wasting your time.

I'd like to share that gift with you. Ok: I'd like to share that gift with you for $60/hour. Even  rainbow warrior mystics need gas money.

Folk on the other side know how to find me; if you're getting those signs and hints,  thinking about an unreachable loved one, and  looking at my website, contact me , please.


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