Psychics and social media

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Certainly it is important to stay current on social media to make a business out of a psychic talent.

On the other hand, if I just want to help people, all I do is hang out my shingle on “the other side”. Spirits approach, their people on this side find me, and the messages get through.

So I have been busy, despite the online silence.

Sometimes it’s tarot readings at parties, sometimes messages from passed loved ones, sometimes animal communication, sometimes human communication, sometimes spiritual retreats in the wilderness.

True talent, no BS, no piddling guessing games. Low rates and service with a smile.


Listening to the dog

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Khali the stray obviously had been a mother before.

       We’re in a small mountain town surrounded by wilderness with a lot of breeding pitbull females and a lot of puppies and not very many adult pets. There certainly aren’t the 100 puppies that crank out into the community every year. I know some puppies go into fighting. I know some go into homes where if food and a place to crap isn’t enough, the puppy dies.

I was planning to get Khali spayed, so I asked her if no more puppies was ok with her. To my astonishment, she showed me a mental map of the neighborhood with something like black holes over the areas where her puppies had disappeared or died. She even had mental erasures that diminished the sound of the weaned babies’ crying while she was unable to reach them or save them. Then she switched to a series of images of fighting off males while she was in heat. These are very unusually perceptive and clear communications. I had no idea she was so aware of the fate of her puppies and of the dog fighting culture.

So in answer to my question, I paraphrase Kahli: “Spay? You mean no more rape? No more puppies getting stolen and killed? SIGN ME UP!”

It is now a week after surgery. She is no longer bitchy with males. She’s starting to skip and play. She’s trying to decide if she should be cleaning and protecting the cat, since I obviously disagree with eating him. The cat tolerated a mom-dog bath, not sure whether to be amused, alarmed, or absent.

This is a really good dog. I’m glad she appeared.

Fair warning.

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Okie dokie. Drew these cards to post a couple days ago, felt like it was something for me I didn’t want to hear, and distracted myself with other projects.

The question was, “What does someone seeing this blog need to hear?”

Let’s see what it says…

You are: 10 of pentacles, generosity and fulfillment
Trying to: Sun, new vitality, assurance, enlightenment
But crossed by: 4 of pentacles, possession, control
Best advice is: 7 of swords tumbling, secrecy and self-interest
Remember: 5 of pentacles, sadness, illness
So – You are a generous, fulfilled person trying to gain new vitality, assurance and enlightenment. You are crossed by somebody’s need for possession and control of you. Quietly taking care of your interests during this time of uncomfortable change is the best advice. There is sadness and illness in the future among those you love.

Truth wins.

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Ah, an excellent example of what I have been speaking of. I hoped she’d be out of the hospital and good as new. I said so.

But the truth did not arrive from my prognosticated hopes. The truth arrived from my pets. Even after she came home from surgery, the puppy told me she was dying. The hound said so and the cat said so. Certainly they could smell the beginnings of her systemic breakdown.

Warnings like “she won’t even be here when this cute pit bull t-shirt you just ordered arrives” (from the middle of June before she was ill) and “you only need one bag of dog food” and “don’t buy the new collar yet” (last week) became more frequent and undeniable.

And here we are. The puppy is dead. Her little spirit did a sit-and-shake to please me, since I was so upset. She was confused seeing me cry over her carcass because “that thing got broken; it hurt.” Then she floated into her afterlife, with a tendril hanging back to keep an eye on us.