Hang on for the ride!

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You’re a woman brought up to be responsible, kind, and capable managing money and resources. The reasonable prosperity and growth you have come to expect is losing stability. Your responsibility and kindness aren’t preventing problems as they usually do. You’re so used to your stillness and mental power solving things that, now that those fine qualities aren’t doing the trick, you’re getting a little panicky and losing confidence in your abilities.

Good news and uncomfortable news are mixed here. Bliss and granted wishes are coming your way, but the path from here to there is marked with unexpected crisis, upheaval, and change.

For yesterday’s daughter

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Eighty percent of these cards are tumbling. You are along for the ride in your life right now. What you can do about it is manage your values and behavior well, no matter the whacked external circumstances. As usual, money and love and your soul are at stake.
You’re a woman – not *just* starting out, but you’ve only been around the block a couple times. Your teamwork and determination are central to your self-image, but your faith in yourself is shaken. You’re not on a functional team and determination isn’t fixing it. You want a lasting true love, but the partner you’re with ain’t that. You’re a skilled craftsperson, but your current situation keeps you away from that productive creativity.
Seeking personal victory over the external messes won’t get you anywhere.
Your responsibility and kindness will steer you out of this mess. That’s the path to follow.  You will rise above, victorious in your self-mastery.

For the Father of Wands

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For a creative, charismatic father who is trying to be supportive and diplomatic toward a daughter, now a young woman, who is energetically taking on the world: Your efforts are hampered by your ideas about success and reward. She doesn’t value the rewards that motivate you.
Though you wait to let things take their course and develop naturally, it is her nature to take challenges head on. She is honest and insightful, which will help her very much. The current melodramatic beginnings and early costly mistakes obstruct your view of a future for her marked with hope, peace of mind, and well-balanced generosity.
She’s a great kid. Let her make her own mistakes and trust she’ll find a way to independent adulthood.


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Something about being a psychic. I don’t know everything. I don’t see the my own future very well. I often see a trail of breadcrumbs in the spiritual clues I perceive, but the pattern doesn’t make sense until I see that witchy gingerbread house. I don’t look past barriers people have for themselves without permission. Sometimes information comes to me freely. Sometimes I have to ask.




There’s young woman who I’ve seen grow for the last eight years, first as part of a community of worship, then as a student in my class, then as a family friend. She passed away after being struck by a car late Thursday night. She was 22.


If I look back, I can see moments when I sought a little peek into her future and didn’t see anything. Sometimes that means a life cut short. Sometimes it means the information I seek is not for me. I’m beginning to tell the difference between those two “flavors” of non-information, but not reliably. Frankly, I’d rather not get enough practice to master the difference.


Psychics like me do have special knowledge that others’ don’t have. But it doesn’t make life any easier, it doesn’t prevent tragedy among those I love, it doesn’t assure that the warnings I *do* get will be heeded. It is soothing to know love and identity can persist after death. I love how my skills can help people feel better. I enjoy the stories that whisper from objects, locations, and time.


But never assume that a psychic is somehow protected from the “slings and arrows of outrageous fortune”. If anything, we suffer our own troubles; experience the sufferings of those we love more directly; and perceive suffering in strangers past, present, and future. It takes conscious practice to resist absorbing all this to create depression, and conscious practice to absorb all the joy and wonder that’s handy to create balance and happiness.

For my friend H. S.

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You seek inspiration and a new beginning. This feels related to your job. The variables are not in your hands, so you’re more hoping for change than seeing a clear path to it.
You’re trying to relieve the nightmares and anguish of those students, but their circumstances are real and sometimes really terrible.
Your solitude, self-reflection, and meditation help you cope and help you think up ways within your sphere of influence to help.
Best advice is to continue to seek rebirth and awakening for yourself and your students. Forgiveness for their families, them, and yourself will help a lot. It’s a messy adventure for everybody, and the huge positive results of your efforts may often hide in the merest glimmer of hope in the eyes of that behaviorally disordered kid.
Remember you are experienced, perceptive, and have dedicated yourself to this battle for the sake of vulnerable people. The fight for them, for their minds and spirits is unending. It ebbs and flows without regard for how much you can take today.
Take good care of yourself and carry on the good work.