For a Dad trying to make it work

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For: a supportive and diplomatic male with some earned respect and authority (Father of Cups)

Trying to: achieve a goal with sheer determination (2 of Wands)

But crossed by: a desire for victory or achievement in completing the goal (6 of Wands)

Best Advice: give respect, logic, and stability to those you protect (The Emperor)

Remember: a father figure to you was too concerned with financial outcomes and created damaged relationships with his offspring (Father of Pentacles)


Putting it together…

You’re probably a single father with your children just reaching into teen years. Things are getting difficult, and you will never ever give up on them. But your need to win (or even to make obvious progress that sticks on a weekly time scale) gets in the way of getting good results with your loved ones. They need respect, firm and fair limits early and often, and for you to use that will power to create stability for them when you have to say no. You learned your parenting skills from a man who was too concerned about the dollar value of all work. He confused “dollar value” with “value” and created some unforgiving patterns towards his wards. Try to give those persistent limits your wards so desperately need with love and gentleness.


Love kicks ass and takes names, too.