Evening Sky

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Jupiter low in the east.

Venus low in the west.

Went back inside and drew a tarot card: 7 of wands, upright: courage against the odds.

So we have love and war in opposition: distant from each other but still squared off and dominating the sky around them.

And we have encouragement: both that we will need courage and that we have the resources to face the coming troubles.

Fair warning.

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Okie dokie. Drew these cards to post a couple days ago, felt like it was something for me I didn’t want to hear, and distracted myself with other projects.

The question was, “What does someone seeing this blog need to hear?”

Let’s see what it says…

You are: 10 of pentacles, generosity and fulfillment
Trying to: Sun, new vitality, assurance, enlightenment
But crossed by: 4 of pentacles, possession, control
Best advice is: 7 of swords tumbling, secrecy and self-interest
Remember: 5 of pentacles, sadness, illness
So – You are a generous, fulfilled person trying to gain new vitality, assurance and enlightenment. You are crossed by somebody’s need for possession and control of you. Quietly taking care of your interests during this time of uncomfortable change is the best advice. There is sadness and illness in the future among those you love.

For the Father of Wands

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For a creative, charismatic father who is trying to be supportive and diplomatic toward a daughter, now a young woman, who is energetically taking on the world: Your efforts are hampered by your ideas about success and reward. She doesn’t value the rewards that motivate you.
Though you wait to let things take their course and develop naturally, it is her nature to take challenges head on. She is honest and insightful, which will help her very much. The current melodramatic beginnings and early costly mistakes obstruct your view of a future for her marked with hope, peace of mind, and well-balanced generosity.
She’s a great kid. Let her make her own mistakes and trust she’ll find a way to independent adulthood.

For loving father & adventuresome son

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For a supportive and diplomatic father whose usual ability to love and protect isn’t making things better and who is trying to sort through the mess of illusion and deception around him:
You are crossed by a charming, adventurous, rather magical young man. He is probably your son. He is definitely someone you’ve had a role in bringing up and someone you want to protect, even from his own actions. He’s also the source of the illusion and deception. He’s working to do as he pleases without consequence and while maintaining your good opinion of him.
Best advice is to remember that the path you are on – doing your best as a father – is the right thing to do and will lead to completion of goals and celebration.
Remember this young man has a destiny to find and fulfill. He wants a challenging voyage of discovery. He wants a magical change of course for himself. He will find it, but by its very nature, it’s not going to be safe for him or feel comfortable for you.  Supporting him through his “voyage of the hero” by encouraging him to strike out on his own will get much better results for your relationship than trying to keep him in the kiddie pool.

You’re clinging to a thread…

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For an adult male clinging to a last thread – your life, your expectations, your luck, your relationships, your housing and job security are all down the drain. You’re not sure how it all happened, and you’re sure you don’t deserve this much suffering over your actions. It’s unlikely you’ll see this post unless you’re using the local library to stay connected.
You’re trying to figure out how to learn something from all this, get back to normal, and stay there debt-free.
But a well-meaning and businesslike person of about your age and background is loyal to his business and determined to see you pay for what he believes is fairly your responsibility.
The best advice is to focus on fulfilling your responsibility and on finding wholeness and contentment for your self without the spend-spend-spend emotional patch.  Give up caring what you think they think you’re worth in cash. Develop your internal resources of character. Get your mind, body, and spirit aligned toward any positive goal.
Remember a new sense of vitality, confidence, and spiritual understanding (you scoff now, but you won’t later) is within reach for you. That path isn’t marked; if it were, you’d still probably miss the signs. First you have to learn to see new signs. Then you can begin trekking. The transition to being a man of substance is going to be arduous. Then again, you’re going to be a lot happier and more whole when you’re through.